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Aug 2, 2018

It's almost a rule that customer contact professionals have to rave about the power of artificial intelligence.  But what can they do to actually harness that power?  How can they ensure AI and automation are meaningfully contributing to the custmer experience?

For Nate Ford of Allianz and Carmit DiAndrea of Verint, one...

Jul 26, 2018

Live from CCW:  Brian Court of Intralinks and Alton Harewood of 8x8 debunk the idea that customer centricity and cost consciousness are opposing forces.  Bad customer service processes and systems, it turns out, actually cost money.  Investing in a great customer experience can thus prove very fruitful...very quickly. ...

Jul 19, 2018

To thrive in today’s era of customer centricity, organizations must answer two questions:

  • What are customers demanding?
  • How do we actually meet those demands?

Lori Jarchow of Ecolab and Andrea Pohlman of Aeritae explore those questions in the latest edition of the CCW Podcast series.  After discussing the new,...